Understanding Self: Transformational Leadership Retreat

Workshop Description

Effective and successful leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. A clear and positive vision of the future plays a critical role. They inspire those they lead to achieve extraordinary levels of performance and outcomes and, in the process, help them to develop their own leadership capacity. Taking time out as a leader to reflect on self, the current and emerging challenges, and opportunities is critical to future success and well-being, either as an individual or part of a leadership team

Workshop Duration

Three-day residential retreat inclusive of accommodation, meals and transport to and from destination. For full itinerary, dates, and costs please contact us for details.

Indicative Content:

Day One – Knowing Self
• Who am I – really?
• Events that shaped my life
• Bright and dark-side of personality
• Motives, values, and beliefs

Day Two – Bringing Clarity to Purpose
• How do you view the world?
• In search of personal and professional meaning
• What is important to you?
• What do you want to achieve and be known for?

Day Three – Delivering Your Legacy
• What does the future look like?
• Navigating changing landscapes
• Developing resilience
• Crafting your personal brand and legacy

All of Regiment First Aid Trainers are fully qualified

All of our courses are Ofqual regulated Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid qualifications

We are knowledgeable in our field, having worked in high risk environments throughout the world


Certificate of completion for continual professional development purposes.

Numbers and Target Audience:

While the focus of this retreat is leadership, you do not have to be a corporate leader to attend. The retreat can be customised for corporate teams, or for individuals to develop a better understanding of self, their purpose, and to ultimately become a true leader-for-life regardless of role. The course is capped at 20 participants.


Participants will be required to complete a number of self-assessments prior to attending the retreat with a focus on personality, emotions and resilience.


Residential retreats are currently held in the UK, Thailand, and Turkey. Please note depending on nationality visas may be required to cover the period of your stay.

For itinerary and pricing for open enrolments and in-house retreats please contact us for details

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