This year’s Men’s Health month is looking specifically at ‘Taking Action’ on Covid-19 and what we can all do to prevent the spread of the virus.  You can find more specific details at the Men’s Health Forum.

Of the themes being covered in Men’s Health Month, Regiment Training will be focusing on

Covid-19 has meant more time isolated, alone, in our own heads often leading to anxiety and stress levels becoming increased.  Our reduced social interaction and ability to access physical activity or distractions is not allowing us to manage our mental health like we normally would.  We know that it is more difficult for men to talk about their mental health, but it is possible to be strong without being silent and with men accounting for 75% of all suicides it is really important that we provide the support and learning needed.  We need to Take Action!

There is strong evidence that 5 specific things can make a big difference to someone’s wellbeing, they are called the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

  • Connect – Stay connected, keep in touch with friends, join online clubs, talk to people
  • Active – Take part in regular physical activity
  • Learn – Read a book, learn a new language or a new skill
  • Give – Give back, volunteer, do someone a favour, visit an elderly neighbour
  • Notice – Look up at the sky, walk a different route home, visit a new place

Making yourself feel good about yourself can enable you to make changes in your life that can lead to better mental and physical health.


Take Action  – How can Regiment Training support you?

Our ‘Managing Workforce Mental Health in Challenging Times’ course, various Counselling Services and online Lifestyle Health & Well Being Portal are just some of the options we have available to assist with your individual or your staff’s Mental Health needs during these unprecedented times.  For more information please contact Regiment Training Contact Us