Preparing for Sudden Cardiac Arrest A fast, accurate response from trained responders when treating the cardiac arrest patient is essential if successful patient outcomes are to be achieved. The AED trainer 3 is the ultimate preparation tool for trained responders facing cardiac arrest. Looks and works like the Laerdal Heartstart FR3 The AED Trainer 3 reflects the unique functionality of the Philips Heartstart FR3 AED and provides a realistic training experience for emergency responders to deliver optimal therapy when facing cardiac arrest. Flexible Configuration The AED Trainer 3 is configured with eight real-world scenarios that have been developed in accordance with internationally recognised responder programmes. Many parameters on each scenario can be easily configured to conform to local protocols or future Guideline updates. Language voice prompts can also be changed at the touch of a button. Complete Instructor Control The instructor can change scenarios by pressing the buttons on the device itself or by using an optional remote control. During each scenario, the remote control lets the instructor pause, change or introduce new challenges, to test how students respond to a variety of situations, enhancing the learning experience.