Navigating Changing Landscape: Developing Mental Toughness and Resiliencet

Workshop Description

With the rate of change we are seeing today the ability to adapt, be flexible and remain positive about current and potential future states is critical in leading yourself and teams through change. In addition, the demands and expectations placed on leaders and teams to out-perform the competition requires resilience and enhanced mental toughness to navigate through ever-changing landscapes. This workshop has been designed to provide insights into your level of resilience and mental toughness based on your own perceptions as well as techniques and interventions you can apply to develop this critical area.

Workshop Duration

Two-day workshop with post-workshop coaching support to feedback on MTQPlus self-assessment and how to further enhance your mental toughness and resilience in the context of both work and life.

Indicative Content:

Introduction Mental Toughness
• Mental toughness and resilience
• What drains mental toughness at work
• Characteristics of high performance

Self and Power of Positive Thinking
• Positive thinking and thinking traps
• The sailboat metaphor
• You as the captain of your ship

Mental Toughness and Change
• Living in a VUCA world
• Leading through a VUCA environment
• Opposing poles of behaviour

Interpreting Your Profile
• Your overall score
• Control, commitment, challenge and confidence
• Interventions to enhance your mental toughness

All of Regiment First Aid Trainers are fully qualified

All of our courses are Ofqual regulated Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid qualifications

We are knowledgeable in our field, having worked in high risk environments throughout the world


Certificate of completion for continual professional development purposes.

Numbers and Target Audience:

Those interested in developing their knowledge and applying the concepts to develop their mental toughness and resilience when leading organisations and teams through change or employees personally transiting through a change process. The course is capped at 12 participants.


Participants will be required to complete the MTQ Plus Psychometric Assessment on-line prior to attending the workshop.


For open enrolment, workshops are delivered at an external venue to be advised at time of booking. For corporate bookings, workshops can be delivered at the company premises or an external venue.

  • Cost Ex Vat: Open Programme £425
  • In-House Programmes Call for Pricing

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