Immersive Leadership Self-Development Programme

Course Description

The Immersive Leadership Programme (ILP) has been designed to support individuals and organisations build leadership capability and capacity based on self-awareness, self-identity, purpose and meaning with a focus on how a positive attitude, and behaviours informs choices, and decisions and the subsequent impact on success.

Course Duration

This course is traditionally delivered over three-days with individual post-workshop coaching support to feedback on the Hogan Insights Self-Assessments, however it can be delivered as modular workshops over an extended period. Please contact us for details.

Indicative Content:

Module 1 – Living in a VUCA World
• VUCA, the brave new world?
• Change timeline; events that shaped your life

Module 2 – Self-Identity as a Leader
• Why it is important to know self as a leader
• Managing the ego

Module 3 – Purpose and Meaning
• Defining your purpose
• Communicating Meaning

Module 4 – Crafting Your Legacy
• What does the future look like?
• Inspiring commitment

Module 5 – Building Resilience
• Relationship between mental toughness & resilience
• What impacts on our resilience at work?

Module 6 – The Mindful Leader
• What is mindfulness?
• Leading with mindfulness in a modern world

Module 7 – Happiness and Positivity
• Courage vs. Fear
• Developing your own happiness equation

Module 8 – Integration
• Making the connections – Integrating the concepts
• Action planning – making a commitment

All of Regiment First Aid Trainers are fully qualified

All of our courses are Ofqual regulated Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid qualifications

We are knowledgeable in our field, having worked in high risk environments throughout the world


Certificate of completion for continual professional development purposes.

Numbers and Target Audience:

Aspiring or practising leaders who want to develop their knowledge, skills and applied leadership practices based on the premise that enhanced self-awareness influences our attitude and behaviour, which in turn informs the choices and decisions we make, helping to build the foundations for effective leadership in the modern world. The course is capped at 12 participants.


Participants to complete the Hogan Insight Series prior to attending the programme to gain additional insights into their personality, motivation, and values and how they are related to developing a higher sense of self- awareness.


For open enrolment, courses are delivered at an external venue to be advised at time of booking. For corporate bookings, courses can be delivered at the company premises or an external venue.

  • Cost Ex Vat: Open Programme £525
  • In-House Programmes Call for Pricing

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