Dysfunctional Leadership and Disruptive DNA: How to Avoid a Toxic Workplace

Workshop Description

Developing the right environment for people and teams to be able to innovate, be creative and achieve their goals is crucial to organisational success, but it doesn’t just happen. Leaders create and model organisational environments through their behaviours and actions. This workshop has been designed to provide insights into what constitutes dysfunctional leadership, and how to:
• Identify the signs and symptoms of dysfunctional leadership
• Understand the impact of dysfunctional leadership behaviours on organisations, people and teams
• Develop strategies and interventions to create a transformational environment and avoid becoming a
workplace and dysfunctional organisation

Workshop Duration

One-day workshop with a post workshop coaching call to feedback on the HDS self-assessment and explore your understanding of derailment in a workplace context, and its potential impact if not managed.

Indicative Content:

Dysfunctional Leadership
• Defining dysfunctional leadership and disruptive DNA
• Signs and symptoms
• Associated behaviours and characteristics

The Toxic Workplace and Organisational Climate
• What does it look and feel like?
• Contributing factors
• Introducing the toxic triangle

Developing a Transformational Workplace and innovative Environment
• Leadership, culture and teams
• Strategies and interventions
• Action planning; making a commitment through applied practices

All of Regiment First Aid Trainers are fully qualified

All of our courses are Ofqual regulated Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid qualifications

We are knowledgeable in our field, having worked in high risk environments throughout the world


Certificate of completion for continual professional development purposes.

Numbers and Target Audience:

Leaders, managers and those interested in developing their knowledge and applying the concepts to develop a positive, trusting and collaborative working environment. The course is capped at 12 participants.


Participants required to complete the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) on-line prior to attending the workshop.


For open enrolment, workshops are delivered at an external venue to be advised at time of booking. For corporate bookings, workshops can be delivered at the company premises or an external venue.

  • Cost Ex Vat: Open Programme £295
  • In-House Programmes Call for Pricing

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