About Us

Whether you want to hone your existing skills, learn something completely new, renew an existing qualification or add a qualification for personal or career progression. Regiment First Aid Training can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

As qualified instructors, our personalised lessons and services have helped people of all backgrounds and skill levels achieve a greater understanding of the importance of first aid for life in general and in the work place. As lifelong learners, we understand that adopting a new skill can be both exciting and challenging. That is why Regiment is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Regiment have extensive experience working in various environments ranging from the Armed forces, corporate sector, close protection, maritime security, hostile environments and finally the prison service. We understand the vital importance of being well equipped with the correct qualifications to help you provide the correct first aid solution in the work place and in life.

We currently offer 25 classroom courses and 22 online courses, which are all supported by and meet with the awarding bodies standards. Our focus is to deliver you the best value for money and train you to the highest standards possible. We are focused towards you and your business, making sure your ongoing needs are constantly assessed and met. Regiment would like to partner with you and your business to create an engaging training environment for you and your staff, bringing added value to your work environment whilst meeting with HSE expectations and delivering at a cost-effective price.

Our Vision

We envision communities where people from all walks of life, even in the most remote areas of the UK, have the knowledge to save lives, administer first aid and to be trained to the highest of standards.

Learning Environments

Our trainers are approachable, skilled and can adapt to any scenario or training environment that they are required to work in. We understand the day to day challenges that people face, the different learning styles people have and the difficulties some people face in a learning environment. As such our Trainers are patient in their delivery, knowledgeable and able to tailor the course to individual needs. They can empathise within their training environment and ensure that all candidates feel comfortable enough to learn. This is what makes our trainers so effective and experts in their field.

Our Trainers

Regiment first aid training courses can be delivered at your premises or we can offer many training venues throughout the UK. Whether you choose to use your own premises or want us to arrange the venue, we guarantee that all of our prices will remain transparent and competitive.

Training Solutions

Are you struggling to find the course that you really require or do the time frames not suit your business needs? At Regiment First Aid Training we can undertake a training needs assessment for you based on your individual business needs and constraints. We can tailor courses to fit your requirements, ensuring the courses we deliver will always meet with legislation and be fully compliant with governing bodies.

Once you have trained with us, we will ensure you are kept up to date with any new changes in legislation. Our aim is to become a business partner and work with you to identify and address your long-term training needs, identifying solutions, so you can have confidence that all your First Aid training requirements are being professionally dealt with.